Small Primark Haul

I visited Primark the other day and managed to pick up a few things… 😉  In Primark, the clothes are trendy, affordable and not rubbish quality. Although I do think their prices are rising, so are the prices everywhere else, so it balances out 😂. I picked up an assortment of accessories, clothes, and shoes, all under €16!

1. Lacy Cap

This cap has the cutest floral lace print, perfect for summer. It has a Velcro strap closure at the back and is a one-size-fits-all. This cap was only €5! The only complaint I have, is that it is not machine washing, and white gets dirty very easily 😕.

2. Casual Backpack

This backpack is the most adorable shade of pink! The faux tan leather on the zip and handle also match very well. There are two pockets in this bag, a main one and a smaller one at the front. The zip for the front pocket has a small, pink, furry pompom attached to it, to make the bag even cuter! It also has a nice lining on the inside, almost waterproof like. This bag was only slightly more expensive than the cap at €8.

3. Loafers

These shoes are made out of shiny, patent leather. Although they are said to be nude, they do look slightly pinky in my eye. These mark easily, but the scuffs can be rubbed away with no visable damage.  There are some fringe and tassel details on each shoes aswell. These were €13.

4. Simple Tee


This t-shirt is just plain and simple. It’s cropped, with two small slits at either side of the hips. The back is a tiny bit longer than the front and it was only €4. It was available in a bunch of different colours and patterns, bit this one is grey and says ‘feeling tropical’.

5. Off-the-Shoulder Tops


This first off-the-shoulder top is a blue and white gingham print. It has a row of decorative buttons down the front. This top was €7 and would have tonne my favourite out of the three.

This top is very similar to the one above. It is off-the-shoulder, pink and white stripe print, but doesn’t have any buttons. For some reason it was more expensive at €9.

Finally, I bought this white, cropped, rouched top. It was around €4. And it is very small. I’m usually a size 8, but had to but this in a 12!

6. Swimsuit


I LOVE this! It is a navy and white striped, off-the-shoulder swimsuit! It was the most expensive item at €16, but I love it a lot and would buy it again.

7. Casual Shorts


These shorts are SO comfortable, hence why I bought two pairs! They colours are lovely, grey and pink, and the rope tie adds to the summer vibes. These were a bargain at only €5 each.

That is all for my small Primark haul. I collected these items over a number of visits to Primark and so didn’t spend a whole load of money at once. There will definitely be another summer or Primark haul in the near future, as I am going away this year and certainly haven’t gotten everything organised yet!

Please let me know if you this this kind of post, and don’t be afraid to give any constructive criticism. I am a relatively new blogger and could do with some feedback. Also let me know any future blog post you would like to see.

Thanking you kindly,

DiyDear xoxo


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