‘Plants for beginners’ they said… ‘Not killable’ they said.

Okay, so last year was the first year that I got into planting seeds and gardening and all that jazz. I started with Cosmos, I had read that they were ‘unkillable’ ( I guess I’m the exception). I probably started around this time or maybe a little later into April, but I planted hundreds of those banana shaped Cosmos seeds. I mean HUNDREDS. The outcome was so worth it. I had tons and tons of tall, strong, colourful Cosmos, and getting them to that stage took little or no effort. (see picture above)

This year however…

I started planting probably a little earlier than last year, mid-to-end of March. Of the Cosmos seeds I planted, not too many shoots came up. Although, when I had a closer look, I realised something or someone or somewhat, ATE MY COSMOS. I will try to insert a picture somewhere along the way, but for now you’ll have to try to make sense of my terrible description.

When Cosmos shoots come up, they, from the very beginning, have 2 leaves. Then another bit of stem grows from the centre of those two leaves into another two leaves, and so on so forth. Like this…

When you looked at my seed trays, there were just a bunch of little sticks poking up from the ground. These are where Cosmos shoots had previously been, but had been completely destroyed of . 


When I planted the seeds at first, I didn’t sprinkle any slug repellant pellets on them. I also didn’t see any slug trails, but the work looks like that of a snail or slug. 

I tried to fix it, by covering the surface in more soil and slug repellant, so that way will know if the sticks will continue to grow. I haven’t really established the culprit, but the case is not yet closed. I’ll keep you posted ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bye… for now

     img_1826Investigator Diy Dear xoxo


4 thoughts on “‘Plants for beginners’ they said… ‘Not killable’ they said.

  1. Damn you sluggies!!
    My garden has so, so many slugs so I feel your pain! I do hate those blue pellets though. They sort of melt the slugs and you end up with slug goo everywhere. Have you tried putting copper tape around your plants? The slugs don’t like to cross the tape…

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