Chocolate Rolo Cupcakes 🍫

First proper post is a good one 😋These cupcakes are nothing short of AMAZING. 

The chocolate cupcake is light and spongy and tastes similar to a slightly nutty brownie in my opinion. I did put a Rolo in my cupcakes before I baked them, hoping for a chewy caramel centre, but it turned out hard and stuck to the paper cases. If I made this recipe again, I wouldn’t put the Rolo in the centre, and that way you’d get even more of the delicious cupcake.

The buttercream icing is 👌🏼. I used Carnation Caramel which was just the perfect caramel to use. I used a wide star tipped piping bag to pipe it and I think it turned out really well. 

The chocolate and caramel drizzle on top, was the icing on the cake… no pun intended 😉 Whenever I see chocolate cupcakes on Pinterest or Instagram with brown paper cases, I always think they look delicious. Whatever it is about brown cases on chocolate cupcakes always looks good, so I decided so buy some just for this recipe 😉

I would definitely recommend these cupcakes, but as a warning they are filling ⚠️ not heavy, just big 😂

Diy Dear xoxo



For the Cupcakes:

  • 175g Butter, room temperature
  •  175g Light Brown Sugar
  • 3 Eggs
  • 140g Self-Raising Flour
  • 35g Cocoa Powder
  • 1-3tbsp Milk

For the Frosting:

  • 150g Butter, room temperature
  • 375g Icing Sugar, sifted
75g Caramel

For the Decorations:

  • Rolos
  • 2 tbsp caramel
  • 50g chocolate, melted



1. Heat your oven to 180C/160 Fan/350F and line a cupcake/muffin tin with 12 muffin cases.

2. Beat the butter with the light brown sugar until light and fluffy. Combine the eggs, self-raising flour, milk and cocoa powder with the butter/sugar mix until well combined.
3. Spoon the mix into the cupcake cases evenly and place a Rolo at the bottom. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until they’re baked through and they are springy to touch. Leave them to cool fully on a wire rack.
4. For the buttercream, beat the butter with an electric mixer for a couple of minutes to loosen it. Gradually add the icing sugar on a slow speed until it is combined then speed the mixer up and beat for 3-4 minutes until fluffy and smooth.
5. Add the caramel to the buttercream and continue mixing, keep on beating for 5 minutes until whipped.
6. Pipe on the buttercream. Loosen the caramel slightly with a spoon and drizzle over the cupcakes. Melt the milk chocolate and drizzle over the cupcakes as well, add the Rolos to the top.


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